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Getting Started With Fiverr Workspace
Getting Started With Fiverr Workspace

A Guide On How You Can Get Started With Fiverr Workspace!

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The first step in getting started with Fiverr Workspace is to sign up via and select Start Free! ✨

If you are already a member simply select > Login

Once you have selected to Start Free, you can select to sign up using your Facebook, Google and even Fiverr accounts or continue with email and enter in your details.

To enter in your details, you will be asked to enter in name, email and set up a password. You can also select or change your location/country.

Once you have selected > Join, you will be asked to review and agree to Fiverr Workspace terms of service:

View Fiverr Workspace Terms

View Fiverr Workspace Privacy Policy

Once you have reviewed and accepted Fiverr Workspace Terms of Service, you will be taken into your account for the first time!

Watch the video and click "Let's Go!" to enter your account.

Feel free to select from one of the actions at the top of the screen to get started.

A pop-up will also appear to direct you around the web page, showing you where to find key features like Creating Invoices and Chatting with your COs!

You may also receive a verification email, be sure to verify your email address to finalize the set up of your Fiverr Workspace account. You can select to resend the email from the in app notification.

My Desk

Welcome to the "My Desk" tab, where you'll find all your to-do's, tasks, reminders, outstanding totals, contracts pending, revenue, transactions that need to be filed (if you have a connected bank account), invoice due notifications and more!

Create Tab

Feel free to create Invoices, Proposals and Contracts, Time Tracking, income and expenses, tasks and more via the create tab top right

You can also select these actions from the left hand menu bar


Clicking on Settings top right, to set up your main account settings

Select > Settings

Select > Complete Account Setup to set up your profile settings. You can add a profile photo and set up your business details

Select next to add business information such as business name, address and location/ timezone

Select next to add your business logo and custom branding settings

You can also access these settings via the settings tab top right plus much more

The settings tab allows you to set up your main account settings such as


Set up and customize your business settings

  • Business Info

  • Branding

  • default Invoice Settings

  • Currency

  • Date/Number Format

  • Timezone


Set up and manage online payment options and connect to your preferred payment gateway.

  • Fiverr Workspace Payments

  • Stripe Payment Gateway

  • PayPal Payment Gateway


Integrate and connect to one of our App Partners, connect your Bank account as well as import data and configure your calendar.

  • Expense Tracking - Synch Bank Account & Track Expenses Automatically (US, CAD & UK users only)

  • Connect To Slack - Alerts On Everything & Chat With Fiverr Workspace Support

  • Connect To Zapier - Connect Any App With Fiverr Workspace & The Other Way Around

  • Connect To Shopify - Import Income From Shopify Sales Into Fiverr Workspace

  • Connect Your Calendar - Show Deadlines, Due Dates & More On Your Calendar

  • Import Data - Import Expenses, Income & Clients Into Fiverr Workspace


Main account settings such as account username, email, password and Facebook Log In details.

  • User Info

  • Log in with Facebook

  • Log in with Google

  • Log in with Fiverr


Configure your app notifications

  • Browser Notifications

  • Email Notifications

Check out our Fiverr Workspace FAQ Center on how you can get started with your Fiverr Workspace Account!

πŸ’Œ Please reach out to your friendly Customer Experience Specialists via Support Tab should you have any questions or concerns. πŸ’Œ

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