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How Can I Archive A Client with Fiverr Workspace?
How Can I Archive A Client with Fiverr Workspace?
😎 Archive your clients so they are hidden from the clients tab but not deleted. Un archive them anytime, only on the Unlimited plan! 😎
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Archiving Clients on Fiverr Workspace Unlimited allows you to hide them from your clients list view and view them in an archived status or unarchive them at a later date if you need to.

To archive a client you will need to be on the Fiverr Workspace Unlimited plan and logged into our web app. Log in via the web app using a browser eg Chrome or Firefox and log in via

Once logged in select the clients tab > select the 3 dot menu icon to the right > archive client

You can also archive your client by selecting your client > more option > archive client

You will see a option to select archive or cancel > select archive to continue

Once archived your client will sit within the archived status and you can view archived clients via the clients tab > filter menu for status > archived

To un archive a client select the client from the archived status list and select the 3 dot menu icon to the right > archive client

Select unarchive to unarchive the client

  • Archiving and unarchiving is only available on the Fiverr Workspace Unlimited plan. To upgrade to Fiverr Workspace Unlimited please select the upgrade tab in blue via the web app or settings > account > plan > upgrade.

  • You can still access all your Fiverr Workspace Unlimited Data regardless if your client is archived

πŸ“” Add handy notes to your client's profile! πŸ“”

Now with Fiverr Workspace you can add text notes to your clients' profile to help you keep track of everything related to your relationship with them!

To start,

  • Select the Clients tab via the web-app

  • Select the client you would like to add notes to

  • Then click on the Notes tab!

Type any note or reminder you want to add to the client. The coolest part? You don’t need to save them! The system will automatically save them as you type!

Et VoilΓ ! You added your first client note!

  • Notes are only visible to you internally

  • You can edit and add additional text to notes anytime by following these steps

πŸ’Œ Please reach out to your friendly Customer Experience Specialists via Support Tab should you have any questions or concerns. πŸ’Œ

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