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How Can I Email Documents To My Shoebox with Fiverr Workspace?
How Can I Email Documents To My Shoebox with Fiverr Workspace?

πŸƒ Email your documents to your Fiverr Workspace account & magically appear in your Shoebox tab within the app! πŸƒ

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Email receipts, statements, business documents, or anything you need to record in your account right to your Shoebox tab in the app!

Using your email address associated with your Fiverr Workspace account, email documents to > and have them magically appear in your Shoebox tab ready for you! 🎩 🐰

Once you have emailed your documents simply log in via the web-app > select the Shoebox tab from the left-hand menu bar and you will see your document appear.

Select the menu icon (3 little dots to the right of the document) to make any actions.

You can select to

  • Create Expense

  • Create Income

  • Attach to Expense

  • Attach to Project

  • Rename File/Add Label

  • Delete file.

Select from the quick icons to

  • View

  • Rename file/ Add Label

You can also select from the options tab when viewing the file in view mode


  • You can only send documents to your shoebox using the email associated to your Fiverr Workspace account!

  • Drag and Drop files into your shoebox tab

  • Selecting delete will delete the document/file completely from your Shoebox tab

  • Upload documents via the Shoebox tab by selecting Shoebox > New File

πŸ’Œ Please reach out to your friendly Customer Experience Specialists via Support Tab should you have any questions or concerns. πŸ’Œ

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