Getting all of your invoices in order has never been easier! With Fiverr Workspace you can simply create an invoice and save it as a draft to be sent at a later date. #saveitforlater

You can create an invoice via the Create tab > Invoice

You can also create an invoice via the Project > Invoice Project

As well as via the invoices tab > new Invoice

Select from the options to create your invoice

Once the invoice is in review you can simply save the invoice as a draft by selecting > options > save located to the top left of the invoice

Once the invoice has been saved as a draft you can access the saved draft invoice via your Invoices > selecting the draft invoice

😎 Tips: 😎

  • Once an invoice has been saved as a draft you can view the draft via the invoices tab or via the Client and Project

  • An Invoice has to be sent either to your client or to yourself to then be able to record a payment against it via the green record payment button on the invoice.

  • You can mark and invoice as sent without sending it to your client and you can view more on this here

  • Draft invoices can be viewed on the web!

  • A draft invoice needs to be sent to your client or marked as sent to be activated and allow for online payments

💌 Please reach out to your friendly Customer Experience Specialists via Support Tab should you have any questions or concerns. 💌

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