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How Can I Add A Discount To My Invoice?
How Can I Add A Discount To My Invoice?
πŸ’Ά Easily apply discounts as a percentage or amount straight onto the invoice πŸ’Ά
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Add A Discount To An Invoice

Easily apply a discount to invoices simply by selecting the discount option on the invoice.

To get started you need to create your invoice and you can view more on creating invoices here > How Can I Create A Invoice With Fiverr Workspace

Once you have created the invoice simply select the yellow edit tab so you are in edit mode (if you are not in edit mode already) or the options tab top left > edit invoice

If you have an existing invoice (sent/draft) simply select the invoice > more tab > edit and send. option so you are in edit mode of the invoice

Once in invoice edit mode select the > Discount option

Enter in your discount either as a percentage or dollar value

Once you have saved these details your invoice will be updated and the discount reflected.

Save as draft

Once you have entered in your discount > select the options tab top left > save to save the invoice as a draft.

Send Invoice

If you want to send the invoice > select Next to send and continue to follow the prompts to send the invoice.


  • You can also add a negative line item to the invoice by selecting to > add a line item > and entering in a negative amount eg $-50.00

  • A saved invoice is a draft invoice, to activate the invoice and online payment option it will need to be sent or marked as sent.

  • Deposit invoices do not have a discount option

πŸ’Œ Please reach out to your friendly Customer Experience Specialists via Support Tab should you have any questions or concerns. πŸ’Œ

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