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How Can I Set Up Default Tax Settings?
How Can I Set Up Default Tax Settings?

πŸ’± Set Up Your Default Tax Code and Percentage With Fiverr Workspace!πŸ’±

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Default Tax Code and Percentage

Simply set up your default Tax code and percentage with Fiverr Workspace which will auto populate on invoices!

To get started:

  • Select the Settings tab > invoicing

  • Enter in your Tax Code and Amount or Percentage and select save to update your default settings

  • Add Multiple Tax Code and Rates

You can also add multiple tax codes and rates simply by selecting Add Tax option in grey text

You can also delete a tax code/rate simply by selecting the trash can to remove it.

Once saved these default settings will pre populate on invoices when created and if required you can always edit these settings at anytime or edit the tax component on each individual invoice when in edit mode

To edit directly on the invoice select the invoice > more > edit

  • Select the Tax component directly on the invoice to edit the fields on invoices directly.

  • Save invoice as draft via the options tab top left > save

  • Send the invoice to your client for payment by selecting next > send

πŸ’Œ Please reach out to your friendly Customer Experience Specialists via Support Tab should you have any questions or concerns. πŸ’Œ

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