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How Can I Download an Invoice PDF?
How Can I Download an Invoice PDF?

😎 Easily Download Invoice PDFs With Fiverr Workspace 😎

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Download Invoice PDF's With Fiverr Workspace!

First Step is to ensure you have created your invoice and either saved it as a draft, sent it or marked it as sent.

Create Invoice & Save it as a Draft

Create Invoice & Mark it as Sent

Once you have created your invoice and either sent it, saved it as a draft or marked it as sent you can select to download the invoice pdf via the invoice directly.

Simply select the Invoice

Via the Invoices, Projects and Clients tabs > select from the quick option to download the pdf simply by hovering your mouse over to the right of the invoice and select the download icon!

Via the Invoice itself

Once you have selected and opened the invoice select the download pdf option.

This will then download the invoice pdf in a new tab in the browser.

NB: Please ensure you have disabled any popup blockers in the browser.

Keep in mind that your client will also receive a downloaded PDF copy of the invoice attached to the invoice email when you send the invoice to them.

You can also download all invoice pdf's and you can view more on this here

How Can I Export Attachments (Invoice PDF's and Receipts)

πŸ’Œ Please reach out to your friendly Customer Experience Specialists via Support Tab should you have any questions or concerns. πŸ’Œ

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