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How can I Schedule Invoices to be Automatically Sent?
How can I Schedule Invoices to be Automatically Sent?
⚡ Schedule Invoices To Be Sent Automatically with Fiverr Workspace! ⚡
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Sending invoices just got AUTOMATED! With Fiverr Workspace you can now schedule invoices to be automatically sent! Making your invoice processing effortless!

Woot!! 💰🤑💸

Setting up scheduled invoicing in Fiverr Workspace is straightforward:

Simply create your invoice and from the options at the top of the invoice review page > select the button "Schedule Invoice".

Select the option to turn ON Schedule Invoice form the side panel

Set your schedule for your invoices to be automatically sent to your clients. Select your options for;

  • Billing schedule Weekly | Monthly | Custom (Custom allows you to set individual dates)

  • Set how many occurrences (how many invoices you want to schedule to automatically send)

  • Issue first invoice at option is the date of your first scheduled invoice that will automatically be sent.

Once you have set up your terms for your scheduled automated invoices select save

Once you have saved your scheduled automated invoices you can then proceed to

  • save the invoice as a draft

  • schedule the invoice to be sent by selecting Schedule

Ensure you also set up your email message template in the compose email section or select from one your existing email message templates.

You will see that your invoice has now been scheduled to be automatically sent

Once Scheduled, you can view the status of the invoice via the invoices tab, it will show recurring as the invoice status and the next date it is scheduled to be automatically invoiced.

You can delete the schedule for the current invoice only or for all invoices in the schedule via the > invoices tab > 3 dot icon ●●● on the right > delete

You will see the options

  • Delete - this invoice only

  • This and following invoices

  • Should you wish to edit the schedule after you have already set it, you can do so by deleting the schedule and creating a new one.

  • If you are wanting to edit the date after the first invoice has been issued you can edit the schedule in the first issued invoice to 1 occurrence. then create a new invoice schedule moving forward.

  • Each Scheduled invoice will have a unique invoice number in order of your invoice number sequence, there isn't a way to edit invoice numbers for scheduled invoices.

  • A scheduled invoice is an order for the system to automatically create and send the invoice based on the schedule you set. The scheduled invoice is not activated until it has been created and sent to your client for payment.

💌 Please reach out to your friendly Customer Experience Specialists via Support Tab should you have any questions or concerns. 💌

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