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How Can I Withdraw My Payments?
How Can I Withdraw My Payments?

πŸ’²I have just been Paid! Woot! 'Okay,' you ask, 'what do I do now?!' Here are the next steps once you have been paid! #GetYoMoney! πŸ’²

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Once you have set up your online payment settings via the settings > payments tab or settings > integrations tab and connected to Fiverr Workspace Payments, Stripe or PayPal your clients will then be able to pay you online via your invoices, online deposits and subscriptions (once authorized).

See more on our article for setting up online payments!

Once you have been paid online either via your PayMe page, invoices, deposits and subscriptions (once authorized) you will receive an email confirmation as well as an in-app notification via the notifications tab advising you that you have been paid via your PayMe Page.

The respective invoice, deposit and subscription will be auto updated as paid in the app. An income will be created for payments that do not have an existing transaction already created in the app.

Email Confirmation Of Payment

As soon as a payment is made via your PayMe page you will receive a email from your payment gateway eg. Stripe, WePay or PayPal depending on your set up.

Your client will also receive a payment receipt upon confirmation of payment as well as an email from the payment gateway they paid eg. Stripe, WePay or PayPal confirming the payment.

In App Notification Of Payment

Select the notifications tab

You will then see the in app notifications of when your invoice was paid

  • The invoice will also be auto updated once paid via the online PayMe page and you will see this reflected directly on the invoice > history and payments

View your Pending/Processed Payment Directly In Payment Account

You will also see directly in your connected payment account e.g. WePay, Stripe or PayPal by logging in directly to see the pending/processed payments.

Fiverr Workspace Payments

  • For users connected to Fiverr Workspace Payments, payments can be managed in the app via the settings > payments tab.




  • Log in to PayPal here:

    • Select > activity > payments received to view payments

    • Example of Payments directly in your PayPal account.

You can manage all of your payments directly in the payment account by logging in direct and selecting from your options. You can also set up automatic withdrawals via WePay And Stripe and you would simply need to enter in your Bank information and select your withdrawal options.

It is recommended to contact your payment provider e.g. WePay, PayPal, Stripe should you have any questions.


  • Please note Fiverr Workspace does not have access to your connected WePay, Stripe or PayPal payment account.

  • Once you have been paid please check for the confirmation email and in app notification as well as your connected payment account directly.

  • WePay is for US and Canadian users only, please note you must have a US or Canadian Bank account along with a US or Canadian Address please contact WePay support team for any queries here, WePay Support.

  • The minimum amount is $3 for all payments made via your PayMe page.

πŸ’Œ Please reach out to your friendly Customer Experience Specialists via Support Tab should you have any questions or concerns. πŸ’Œ

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