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How Can I Create A Project?
How Can I Create A Project?

πŸ‘Œ Set Up Projects Outlining Your Services With Fiverr Workspace πŸ‘Œ

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Projects With Fiverr Workspace

With Fiverr Workspace you can create and manage your projects, set your deliverables and billable rates/services, select to require a deposit, track time, invoice for payment and even archive them so you can keep track of all active/archive projects.

To Create A Project

select the projects tab > add project

Otherwise select the create + tab top right > create project

Once you have selected to create a project you will be prompted to select from an existing client or enter in new client details.

Once you have selected/created your client you will be prompted to select and enter in your "Project Terms"

Project Terms

Project terms are your deliverables/services which have been agreed upon. These terms will be billable/invoiced to your client throughout the project from start to end.

You will be prompted to enter the

  • Project name

Billing Schedule

Billing schedule - invoice reminder schedule this sets up your recurring invoice reminders see more on this on our article How Can I Set Up Recurring Invoice Reminders

Billing schedule options are as follows:

  • Project start and end date.

  • How you will bill your client where you can select from the drop down menu from options such as > once, weekly, monthly, milestones, custom.

  • Date you will send your first invoice.

Price Your Services

Next you will be prompted to "Price your service/s'' this is where you will set up your deliverables/services/rates. With each service you can add a detailed description of the service in the "describe service" field. This description will appear on proposals and Contracts only (not invoices)

Where it says "I Price By" you can select from the options from the drop down menu:

  • Rate - this option allows you to invoice time tracked using a "flexible quantity" which allows you to add time activities onto your invoices or "fixed quantity" which allows you to set and enter in a fixed quantity of hours instead.

  • Flat Fee - this option allows you to invoice flat fee based terms

  • Milestones - this option allows you to set milestone billing terms for different stages throughout your project. You can also set different options for each rate/service for example, you can set up flat fee terms along with hourly/monthly terms.

  • Items - this option allows to to price by items

Please keep in mind you can only select one option and you can add multiple terms within this option.

Add multiple terms by selecting > add another service

Should you require an upfront deposit payment, select the option to > require a deposit and enter in the details of the deposit amount required.

Once you have set up the project terms for your project you are all set to select the green "create" button to create your project.

Once you have created your project you will see a confirmation that your project has been created

You can now view your project via the projects tab in the app.

Select the project anytime via the projects tab to manage the project such as:

  • Tasks

  • Terms

  • Timer

  • Week View (Time Tracking)

  • Reports (Time Tracking Reports)

  • Invoices

  • Expenses

  • Files

You can also select from options within the project > More option or green invoice project option

  • Invoice Project- create a invoice within the project

  • Create Proposal or Contract - create a proposal or contract and once approved it is linked with the project

  • Edit Project - Edit your project and terms

  • Duplicate Project - duplicates the project so you can use the same terms for a new client

  • Archive Project - Archives the project so you can refer to it at a later date via the archived project folder at any time.

  • Delete Project - Deletes the project entirely and you cannot retrieve it.

Tips πŸ‘‰

  • The best workflow of the app is to start with your proposal/contract first as once approved your project is auto created for you in the app.

  • Project billing schedules and Scheduled Invoices do not automatically split up payments for each Invoice.

  • You cannot link a proposal/contract to a existing project

  • You cannot link a existing invoice to a project

  • The best workflow of the app is to create invoices within the project itself so it is tied to the project.

  • The Project's listed Services will become your Invoice Line Items. If you want to change the price of an Invoice, you must change the price of your Service.

  • Your Billing Schedule does not automatically send Invoices for you. All invoices must be created and reviewed by you the account holder.

πŸ’Œ Please reach out to your friendly Customer Experience Specialists via Support Tab should you have any questions or concerns. πŸ’Œ

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