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Fully editable contracts with Unlimited
Fully editable contracts with Unlimited
Make every contract your own, edit clauses, add exactly what your project needs.
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That being said, we totally get that most freelancers aren’t lawyers - which is why we partnered with the Freelancers Union to bring you a Standard Freelance Contract that covers the bases on any project, that you know you can rely on to cover you when taking the dive into a relationship with a brand new client, or even one you’ve worked with before.

But hey, what if you want to do something like add copy, change verbiage, or translate into a different language? The ability to edit the Standard Contract was one of our most requested features and we’re happy to introduce Customizable Contracts as part of our new Unlimited plan. Customizable contracts enable you to:

  • Edit any of Fiverr Workspace’s default contractual text to your liking

  • Add new sections of copy anywhere within the contract

  • Selectively hide sections of content you don’t want to see

Here’s how it works:

Getting Started

Tab over into the Contract portion of the document.

Scroll down to Attachment B. Unlimited users will have the ability to hover over each content section and select an action, either “Edit” or “Hide”

Editing a Contract

Clicking “Edit” prompts the Edit Modal. Here you will be able to selectively edit both the Headline and Paragraph copy of the content section. Keep in mind that despite the ability to freely edit the text, we recommend you speak with legal consult prior to editing the verbiage of the contract.

If the content section that you are editing contains a variable input from the system, such as a cancellation fee, that input will be overridden by the system. You can still edit the paragraph at your discretion, but the system will no longer be able to recognize the numerical or binary input.

When you’re ready, select “Update” to confirm your changes, which will now be marked with a “Customized” badge on the contract page (this badge is only visible to you and will not be seen on the PDF once sent).

Adding Content Sections

To add a new headline and paragraph, hover over the left side of the page wherever you would like to add content and click the “Plus” button. Here you’ll be able to input your own headline and paragraph. When you’re done, select “Update” to confirm your addition, which will now be marked with a “Customized badge on the contract page (this badge is only visible to you and will not be seen on the PDF once sent).

Removing Content Sections

If you would like to remove a content section, you can hover over it, select the “Hide” button, and then choose “Yes.” As the name suggests, hiding does not permanently delete the content section and if you would like to display it again you can easily return to the content section, hover over it, and select the “Show” button.

Resetting Edited Content

To revert any changes made to the contract you can go to the altered content section that is marked with a “Customized” badge, hover over it, and click “Reset.” You can additionally click into the Edit Modal through the “Edit” button and select the “Reset text to default” link, then click “Update”.

Alternatively, if you have made multiple changes and would like to reset all of them, you can go to the “Options” dropdown in the top left corner of the screen, click “Contract Settings,” and click “Reset all to default” to bring the contract back to its original form. This covers any changes made to the product including edited, added, or hidden content sections.

💌 Please reach out to your friendly Customer Experience Specialists via Support Tab should you have any questions or concerns. 💌

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