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How Can I Add Additional Details To My Proposal?
How Can I Add Additional Details To My Proposal?
🏝️Enhance you proposal by outlining all your details, add images, text, columns, tables and attach files with Fiverr Workspace! 🏝️
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Want to add additional details to your project such as more outlining your scope in more details using text. Adding images to make it more appealing and use graphics to enhance your proposal. You can also add columns and tables and even upload files.

To get started you would need to create your proposal and you can view more in our article titled: How to create a proposal

Once you have created your proposal and set up the project terms the next page will show the proposal in review.

Scroll down and simply hover your mouse over the second or third horizontal lines so you see on the proposal preview page.

You will see the + plus sign symbol in various places as your scroll down the Review Proposal page.

Once selected you will see options to

  • Add Text

  • Add Images

  • Add Tables

  • Add Columns

  • Upload Files

Select the from the options

You can continue to add multiple options by simply selecting the + plus symbol each time.

You can really enhance your proposal by using these features and options so you can showcase your proposal in detail and really stand out from the crowd!!

💌 Please reach out to your friendly Customer Experience Specialists via Support Tab should you have any questions or concerns. 💌

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