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How to Download or Print The Proposal & Contract In PDF
How to Download or Print The Proposal & Contract In PDF

πŸš’ Download the Proposal & Contract in PDF πŸš’

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πŸ“„ Download a Sent or Saved Proposal + Contract PDF

When you have created the proposal or contract and sent/saved it you will have the option to download the proposal + contract as a PDF

  • You can download the proposal pdf by selecting the proposals and contracts tab (web app) and select the download icon to the right of the proposal/contract

  • To Download the contract pdf you can select the 3 dots icon to the right. Once selected you will see the option to download contract pdf (contract)

πŸ“„ Download an approved Proposal + Contract PDF

Once your proposal + contract has been approved you can download the pdf's as mentioned above or via the project once created. Once a proposal/contract is approved a project is then auto created for you in the app. Any proposals and contracts will be linked to the project > files tab.

You can download the contract pdf via the project > files tab

  • Select the projects tab > Project that has been auto created once approved.

  • Select the projects tab >project > files tab

πŸ“„ Download The Proposal only via the saved draft/sent proposal

Alternatively, once you have created the proposal and saved it as a draft or sent it you can also simply download the pdf via the options tab top left > download pdf (This is for a draft/sent proposal).

Note: this will not include the Contract, which will have to be downloaded separately via the proposals + contracts tab > 3 dots icon next to the proposal+contract.

Your client will also have an option to view the proposal/contract online via the email they receive, they can select to "review the proposal/contract online by selecting the "review proposal/contract" link in the email.

If the Proposal had a contract attached or you just sent a contract once approved your client will be able to download the contract which is attached via their email they receive.


  • When downloading the proposal/contract via the web app please ensure you have disabled any pop up blockers in your browser.

  • The pdf will download in a separate tab in your browser.

Easily Print An Approved Contract PDF with Fiverr Workspace πŸ“

Once a proposal or contract has been approved with Fiverr Workspace you can print the pdf file at any time via the project that is auto created once a contract is approved.

First step is to create the contract with Fiverr Workspace either save it as a draft, send it, have it approved online by your client or approve it manually by yourself.

When the contract has been saved as a draft, sent or approved you can then Download The Approved Proposal or Contract In Pdf With Fiverr Workspace.

Download pdf proposal and contract from Sent or Draft Proposals and Contracts

Select the proposal or contract and select the 3 dot icon to the top right and select to download your document.

Download sent/draft/approved Proposal via the proposals tab > download pdf icon

Download approved contract pdf via the contract tab > 3 dot icon to the right of the contract > download contract option

Download the contract pdf via the approved project > files tab > 3 dot icon to the right of the contract > download option

The downloaded the PDF contract will open up in a new tab.

Please ensure any pop up blockers are disabled in your browser.

Once the contract pdf has downloaded you can then select the print option on the downloaded pdf.


  • Disable any pop up blockers in your browser

  • Pdf is best viewed using a browser like Chrome or Firefox on a PC/Laptop

  • Both proposal & Contract pdf's can be downloaded

πŸ’Œ Please reach out to your friendly Customer Experience Specialists via Support Tab should you have any questions or concerns. πŸ’Œ

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