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How To Change My Fiverr Workspace Email Address/Time Zone/ Region?
How To Change My Fiverr Workspace Email Address/Time Zone/ Region?
🏒 Change Your Fiverr Workspace Account Settings! 🏒
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Your primary Fiverr Workspace email address is created when you first sign up for an Fiverr Workspace account. This email address is also associated with your Shoebox.

At times we often run across a scenario where we need to change the account email address and with Fiverr Workspace you can do so in only a few steps. #Boom

To Change your Fiverr Workspace Account Email:

  • Select the settings tab > settings

  • Select > Settings

  • Select > Accounts tab > userinfo

  • Enter in your new email address and select > save changes

  • Once updated you will be prompted via a popup to confirm the update/change.

  • Select > confirm or cancel to cancel out of the process. Once confirmed you will see a green confirmation bar at the top and the email address has been updated in settings

  • You will also receive an email to your new updated email address to confirm the changes.

  • Select the email and select to confirm your new email.

Once you have confirmed your email you will see further confirmation that your Fiverr Workspace account email has successfully been updated and you are all set!!

Ensure you confirm the activation via the link you will receive in your email.

Keep in mind once you update your Fiverr Workspace account email address you will need to sign in with your new updated email address into all Fiverr Workspace apps, web app and mobile.

⏱️ How You Can Set The Time Zone Format with Fiverr Workspace

With Fiverr Workspace you can set the time zone format of your preferred time zone!

To set the time zone format select the settings tab

Set The Time Zone Format:

  • Select > Settings

  • Select > time zone tab

  • Then select > your preferred time zone

You will also notice that this information/change has been saved and updated.

You can change this at any time.

πŸŽ™Set up your local region format settings such as timezone and region format with Fiverr Workspace

Set The Date/Number, Region Format With Fiverr Workspace

You can set the date and default region format with your Fiverr Workspace account so your date format and regional settings are set up correctly for your specific region.

To set up your default region settings:

  • Select Settings Gear

  • Select > Settings

  • Select > Date/Number Format

  • Select your preferred date/number and region format.

πŸ’Œ Please reach out to your friendly Customer Experience Specialists via Support Tab should you have any questions or concerns. πŸ’Œ

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