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How Can I Set Up Custom Branding For Proposal/Contract & Invoice, Emails
How Can I Set Up Custom Branding For Proposal/Contract & Invoice, Emails
🌍 Want your own custom branding to show on emails sent to your clients? Upload your logo and customize your branding settings 🌍
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Customize the appearance of your invoices, proposals, PayMe page and email communication with Fiverr Workspace.

Upload Logo

To upload your business logo head to the Settings tab

Select > Settings

Select > Business > Branding

Select > Drag logo here or upload file and choose your file/logo for upload.

Once you have uploaded your logo you can adjust the alignment by selecting Center Align > Right Align or > Left Align located to the top right.

Branding Color

You can also pick a custom brand color and change the appearance of your emails, PayMe Page, and invoices by choosing a custom brand highlight color.

Alternative Branding Settings

You can also access Branding from within the Invoice Editor on the Review Page.

  • Select to Invoice your client

  • Select Next to proceed to the page labeled "Review" at the top

  • Hover your mouse over the top of the Invoice preview to select "Edit Branding"


  • PNG or JPG Files are accepted

  • Image Size 500 X 200 Pixels

  • Your client will receive a unique email with your custom branding which is different to the confirmation emails you will receive.

  • Your name set up within your settings > account > user info is the name used on emails sent to your clients.

  • To fully remove Fiverr Workspace branding from correspondences, you can upgrade to our Fiverr Workspace Unlimited paid subscription!

πŸ’Œ Please reach out to your friendly Customer Experience Specialists via Support Tab should you have any questions or concerns. πŸ’Œ

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