Default Currency

To set up your default currency settings select > Profile Picture

Select > settings

Select > Business > Currency Settings

Select your default currency > update

🍕 Tips: 🍕

  • You can update your default currency settings at any time by following the above steps. This will update moving forward.

  • You can set up currency settings individually on contracts, projects and invoices view more below.

  • Note: This will not be the default currency for client-facing items like Invoices, but rather the currency for your account reports. Set Invoice currency by heading to Settings > Invoicing.

How Can I Set Up Contracts, Projects & Invoices In My Clients Local Currency?

Set Up Your Clients Local Currency in your Proposals, Contracts & Projects:

When Creating A Proposal, Contract and Project you can change/edit the currency via the page labeled "set-up" > top right side is the currency drop down menu. This is in the "edit project" menu for projects or the "revise" option for draft/sent proposals.

  • Select the currency field in the project fee section

  • Select the currency from the drop down list of options and save.

  • Updating the currency on the Proposal/Contract/Project will update the currency for any invoices related to the Proposal, Contract and Project.

Change Currency On An Invoice

  • When creating a Invoice you can change/edit the currency via the invoice > options tab top left > invoice settings tab >

  • Select > Currency > select your currency from the drop down > save

  • This will only update the currency on the individual invoice.

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