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​​How Do Tasks Work?
​​How Do Tasks Work?
⏳ Create and Manage all your Tasks & Lists via your My Desk⏳
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Your "My Desk" magically creates tasks that need your attention, such as an invoice that is due to be sent, income/expense transactions that need to be filed plus more! You can also create tasks & lists, set due date or defer them for a later date and manage them all via your My Desk in Fiverr Workspace! #Magical


To get started with tasks head to your "My Desk" Tab

Select My Desk > New Task

Add the details of your task eg. Call Jane and select > set details

Select to set the details of the tasks, eg. discuss projects and schedule meetings. You can also Tag the related project/client/list to the specific task and add a due date or hide the task to a later date.

  • Add details: Allows you to add additional details about the task

  • Set Due Date: Allows you to set a due date for the task

  • Hide Until: Allows you to hide/defer the task until a later date when you would like it to be displayed on your Desk

  • Assign To: Allow you assign the task to a project, client or list

  • Repeat Task: Allows you to set a recurring task

  • Once you have set the details of the task > select save changes. Once saved you can view your tasks via your "My Desk"


Create and manage your lists via the "My Desk" tab by selecting >All Tab > Create New List or by selecting the already created list.

Once you have entered in the name of your new list hit enter and save the new list. You can also remove/delete lists by selecting the All tab > select the X next to the list you want to delete or edit by selecting the pencil edit icon.

You can then select each list and add tasks within each list. You can also tag tasks to the list.

My Desk - Menu

To access and toggle between open tasks, done tasks, future tasks or filter them by order, due date or kind simply select the menu bar on top and select your preferred option/filter.

When you hover your mouse over the task you will see two options.

  1. The 3 horizontal lines allow you to reorder the task by dragging and dropping

  2. The 3 dots allow you to select to mark the task as done or defer the task

Tasks via the Project

You can also create tasks via each project by selecting the projects tab > select the project > tasks > add task

Tasks Via The Clients Tab

To view task by client select the clients tab > select the client > tasks > add task

Assign Tasks To Clients, Projects & Lists

First of all, to assign your tasks to your client, project or list you would need to create Your Task Via your Desk or Project or Clients tab and you can see more on how to create tasks via this article > How To Create A Task

To assign your task to your client, list or project > select the task via your

> Desk Tab or Project or Clients tab

In the assigned task field add in the client, list or project you wish to link the particular task with.

In this example you can see the Assign to options and once selected you can then select the options from the drop down

Once saved, you can then view the task via the assigned, project, list or client

I can also view my task via my client by selecting the Clients tab > select your Client and you will be able to view open Tasks as well as add tasks.

As Well as Via the Project if you have Tagged a specific project. Select the project > Tasks tab


  • Tasks can be created via your "Desk" tab by selecting > Add task

  • Tasks can be created via your "Clients" tab > select client > add task

  • Tasks can be created via your "Projects" tab > select the project > add task.

💌 Please reach out to your friendly Customer Experience Specialists via Support Tab should you have any questions or concerns. 💌

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