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How Can I Invoice Time Activities
How Can I Invoice Time Activities

πŸ€— Invoicing Time Tracked Activities With Fiverr Workspace! πŸ€—

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To Invoice based on time tracked you will need to set the terms within the project based on "Per Hour" and "Bill using time tracking". ⏰

Once you have set up your project terms as rate with a flexible qty and you have tracked time activities via the time tracker and you have assigned your time activities to the project you can then invoice these time activities via the project itself.

To get started on invoicing time activities select the projects tab and then select the project you would like to invoice.

  • Select > Invoice Project

You will then see an invoice setup screen showing you the project terms as well as the time activities linked to the project. Tracked time activities assigned to a project will default to the first project term.

You can select to uncheck a project term if you are not invoicing any time activities for it on the particular invoice by simply unselecting the project term

Re - Assign Time activities to multiple project terms

Simply select the first default project term > edit selection option to edit the time activities and link them to their respective project terms.

Un - select and select the time activities you wish to assign to the first project term and select done.

Then select your next project term > edit selection and select the time activities you would like to assign to any other project terms.

Once you have finished assigning your time activities to their respective project terms select done

You can also select to edit these terms or add new terms via the project itself.

You will also have the option from the "Show activities on invoice" drop down options to

  1. Show single time activities on the invoice

  2. Group time activities by day on the invoice

  3. Group time activities by activity on the invoice

Once you have selected which time activities you would like to invoice per project term and the options on how you would like to display these time activities on the invoice select > Next and your invoice will be created.

You can also edit the invoice as well as add additional line items to the invoice once created by selecting edit in yellow and selecting from the options

Time Tracking Weekly View

Need to track time via weekly view? No worries we have you covered at Fiverr Workspace!

Easily view and track you weekly hours right in the app by selecting the Time Tracking Tab > week view

View Activities That Have Been Assigned To A Project

View Projects that have assigned time activities as well as add new activities to the project by selecting > Add New

You can also add in hours straight into the weekly view, edit the description and edit any existing hours if required.

View Unassigned Time Activities

You can also view unassigned time activities in the weekly view and you can edit them, and edit the activity description

You can also add new unassigned time activities by selecting > add new

Sort Weekly View by

  • Date Range

  • Clients

  • Projects

  • Activities

Select any of the sort options/headers to filter and sort your time

Set up your project terms so you can invoice based on time tracked!

Project Terms For Time Tracking!

For projects that you will track time and where you will invoice based on time tracked or hours worked it is best to set up your terms within your project as "Per Hour" and select the option "Bill using time tracking" which does not require a custom quantity.

You can set up the project terms via the

  1. Proposal

  2. Contract

  3. Proposal & Contract

  4. Project

If your project was created already, simply go to "Edit project" and select "Services" to adjust your service to "Per Hour" and "Bill using time tracking"

Tips πŸ‘‰

  • The best workflow of the app is to start with your proposal/contract first as once approved your project is auto created for you in the app.

    • You cannot link a proposal/contract to a existing project

    • You cannot link a existing invoice to a project

  • The best workflow of the app is to create invoices within the project itself so it is tied to the project.

  • You can use a fixed quantity where you have the option of entering in a set quantity against the rate even if you selected "Bill using time tracking"

πŸ’Œ Please reach out to your friendly Customer Experience Specialists via Support Tab should you have any questions or concerns. πŸ’Œ

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