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Deposits in Fiverr Workspace
Deposits in Fiverr Workspace

Deposits request payment before you begin your Project, but how do you create a deposit in Fiverr Workspace? Let’s break it down!

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Choose how you want to bill this deposit below.

Deposit from a new Project (no Proposal needed)

Create a Project and the first invoice created will be for the Deposit.

Deposit from a Proposal

Invoice Deposit: Send a Proposal off to your client.

Once Approved, the first invoice created will be for the Deposit.

Mandatory Deposit: Send a Proposal. When your Client signs it, payment for the Deposit will immediately be requested via a pop-up payment window.

Important facts about Deposits

  • Invoices have to be created manually except when there is a Mandatory Deposit. Mandatory Deposits however, do not create an invoice!

  • Deposits are included within the Project Total, not separate.

  • Once a Deposit is paid it will be subtracted from your subsequent invoices. This is why it is important to remember that deposits are included in your project total.

  • Deposits work best with Projects that will be billed for twice. One invoice (or payment) for the Deposit and one invoice for the remaining amount. If you are planning more than two invoices to be sent please reach out to support for more information.

💌 If you have any questions please contact support using the green support button at the bottom right of your Workspace account page or here inside our FAQ center! 💌

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