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How to create a Deposit from a Proposal or Contract
How to create a Deposit from a Proposal or Contract

Follow these steps if you want to send a Proposal/Contract to your client and ask for a Deposit after approval.

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  • Select the Proposals or Contracts tab > Select New Proposal or Contract

  • Add your Project details: Project Title and Client are required!

  • Add your Project Service(s). This will show on your Deposit Invoice as a Project Summary. You can also use the Description to elaborate on your Project.

Billing Schedule

  • Within the Billing Schedule section you can add a Deposit along with Billing Dates.

  • Add your Deposit amount or Percentage.

  • Billing Dates will be sent reminders to bill your Client. Invoices are not automatically sent out on these dates!

  • Deposits are included within the Project Total. It’s not a separate price.

Mandatory Deposit

If you select the Mandatory Deposit option there is no invoice created and your client will be prompted to pay right after they sign.

Example of the Client View for a Mandatory Deposit

  • Mandatory Deposit payments will track in your Transactions tab associated with the Project but no Invoice will be sent.

If you do not select “Make deposit payment mandatory for approval”, you will manually create the Deposit Invoice after your client approves the Proposal/Contract.

Invoice your deposit (Not needed if Deposit was Mandatory)

  • Go to your Project Page and select the yellow notice “Deposit outstanding: Invoice deposit”

  • Review your Deposit Invoice. Taxes, Notes and Due Date can be adjusted.

  • Send your Deposit Invoice.

What happens after the Deposit is paid?

After your deposit has been paid, it will be subtracted from the subtotal section in your next invoice!

For more tips and options for Deposits, check out our Deposit FAQ

💌 If you have any questions please contact support using the green support button at the bottom right of your Workspace account page or here inside our FAQ center! 💌

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